May 13, 2024

Green Fields Bar + Restaurant: Where the classroom meets the real world

We operate under the skilled hands of hospitality and cookery students, led by seasoned chefs and hospitality professionals.

Green Fields Bar + Restaurant, a fine dining establishment at TAFE Queensland’s Robina campus operates under the skilled hands of hospitality and cookery students, led by seasoned chefs and hospitality professionals.

At the helm is restaurant manager, Andrew Scerri, who took over the reins at Green Fields in 2023 after 20-years of global experience in hospitality management.  

“It’s such a unique position to be in. I love that I have the opportunity to give back to the industry that has given me such a wonderful career by nurturing upcoming students who are just beginning theirs,” said Andrew.

“It’s a privilege to actively contribute to their education and training and to be part of their journey into proficient industry experts by the end of their course.”

Despite occasional misconceptions from patrons, not immediately recognising the dual nature of Green Fields as both a commercial restaurant and a training hub, Andrew said customers are thoroughly impressed when they grasp the concept.

“The students do a fantastic job and are very eager to learn and ensure our customers have the most positive dining experience,” he said.

“Our customers are always chuffed knowing their patronage helps the next generation of chefs, wait, bar and barista staff gain the experience they need to get a job and lead successful careers.”

“Dining at Green Fields is more than just savouring exceptional food and service; it becomes a tangible contribution to the development of the next generation of culinary and hospitality experts.”

For the students, Andrew said Green Fields offers invaluable real-world hands-on experience, providing them with a glimpse into the diverse and exciting career pathways within the industry.

Meanwhile the restaurants commitment to sustainability, coupled with locally sourced produce, instils in students the knowledge and understanding of being environmentally responsible.

Under Andrew's management, Green Fields Bar + Restaurant is set to uphold its reputation as a distinctive blend of culinary excellence and education in the heart of Robina.

With a focus on nurturing talent, fostering sustainability, and delivering exceptional dining experiences, Green Fields stands out as the Gold Coast’s most unique culinary delight.